Katy Anne Lynch

I'm Katy and these are my creations and inspirations.


‘False Icons’ represents how much the idea of a God has been distorted and changed over time. We worship TV and drink wine to worship Jesus. If being religious is to worship a higher power, then isn’t gathering around a TV on a daily basis religious?

Digital illustration and collage of the Virgin Mary’s face. 

I did this to illustrate how her persona seems to have been twisted, bent and eventually lost over time. 

digital drawing. 

Illustrating different saints from different cultures. The ‘day of the dead’ style icons are a lot more decorative and attractive as opposed to the typical ones which seem quite overused.

Small household style shrine made with the objects donated to me. 

'Red is the color of blood and therefore is the liturgical color for the commemoration of martyred saints. Red is used as the liturgical color for Pentecost, since it is the color of fire.’

Borrowed religious relics. 

These objects were donated to me for my final piece installation of a shrine. The family that gave them to me are all devoted Catholics, and these objects and more were scattered all over their home in Liverpool. when I visited. In order, these objects are; The Virgin Mary, an image of The Virgin Mary in a hand held golden trinket, rosary beads, saint Martha of offerings and the famous image of Jesus on a crucifix. 

Plaques. Science Vs Faith. 

My final piece is going to be an installation of a shrine featuring everything I have made throughout my FMP. Everything I am including has two meanings, which is why I decided to great these plaques out of clay. They are approximately 30cm by 30cm and are about an inch thick. 

The first plaque shows an excerpt from ‘the atheist’s prayer’ which is largely underpinned by reason and logic. The second plaque shows an extract from ‘the apostles creed’ which is a prayer widely used within Catholicism. One of these pieces is underpinned by logic and reason where as the other is underpinned by faith and belief. They epitomize the  difference between a believer and a non believer, which has played a large part in my project overall. 

As far as making these objects went, I have decided I enjoy working with clay. However, getting them the same width and size proved difficult. If I were to make these again, I would look into the sizes of plaques and go off measurements to make an informed decision of what size I wanted instead of just going off what I wanted visually. 

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